Dive Into Corvus Belli’s December 2021 Releases For Infinity

November 9, 2021 by brennon

Corvus Belli has been previewing the various releases coming our way for Infinity next month. December brings together a bunch of CodeOne releases alongside some funky specialists for some of the factions in this 28mm Sci-Fi wargame.

Yu Jing Collection Pack - Infinity CodeOne

Yu Jing Collection Pack // Infinity CodeOne

This, and the PanOceania Collection Pack shown below, bring together all of the CodeOne Releases for each of these forces. So, if you've missed out on picking up these particular miniatures or you just want to dive in and get a few missing pieces of the puzzle, this could be a good shout.

The set for Yu Jing brings together the releases from Operation Kaldstrom, Beyond Kaldstrom, Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation, the Yaokong Remotes Pack, the Yu Jing Booster Pack Alpha and Beta and finally Liang Kai.

PanOceania Collection Pack - Infinity CodeOne

PanOceania Collection Pack // Infinity CodeOne

The PanOceania set provides the other half of Operation Kaldstrom, the Beyond Kaldstrom Expansion Pack, the Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation, a PanOceania Support Pack, a bunch of Dronbot Remotes, Booster Packs Alpha and Beta plus the Kunai Solutions Ninjas. So, it's the perfect mirror to the options from the Yu Jing set.

Both of these sets also contain a CodeOne Rules Booklet so you can get started playing the game nice and quickly. Two one-stop shops for anyone who liked the look of these factions from the world of Infinity.

New Characters & Creatures

In addition to those CodeOne collections, we also have the PSI-Cops Marksman for O-12.

Psi-Cops Marksman - Infinity

Psi-Cops Marksman // Infinity

This versatile marksman is good and collecting information and intelligence on the battlefield and then executing "problems" and tying up loose ends from afar. Make sure this fellow and his MULTI Marksman Rifle are in a good position and you'll have a solid degree of control over the battlefield.

Ye Mao Infantry - Infinity

Ye Mao Infantry // Infinity

Also known as the "wildcats", this unit isn't a pushover. Whilst you might think that you can easily push Hackers around, the Ye Mao are here to tell you differently. They are incredibly mobile and great at packing a punch as well as pushing buttons. A worthy option for someone building up their Yu Jing force.

Finally, we turn to some strange alien beasts from the Combined Army.

Taigha Creatures - Infinity

Taigha Creatures // Infinity

The Taighha Creatures are cunning and deadly in equal measure and great for use alongside the Shasvastii. Introduce them into your games as patrolling units, eager to hunt down interlopers or perhaps even your vanguard, crashing into the enemy and causing chaos.

When you want to keep your actual troops safe from harm it pays to have a unit like this to tie up your foes and cause problems. It's not like you can ignore them as they come barrelling towards you!

Which of the December releases are you most intrigued by?

"Which of the December releases are you most intrigued by?"

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