Customeeple Brighten Up Infinity With New Releases

January 3, 2015 by brennon

Customeeple have a whole bunch of new Infinity stuff coming your way for the new year and the start of 2015! See what you make of their new Neon City Streets, Yu-Jing Base Tops and Big Building Packs...

Neon City Streets

Big Buildings

The first pieces to look at are the Neon City Streets which give you a series of MDF sheets for making up an Infinity tabletop. Each of the sheets has a different design and creates a cool section of the city to fight in.

As well as that if you wanted to give the streets the look of an Ariadna controlled sector then you might want the Big Building Pack which gives you two Celtic themed buildings that you can fight over. Nothing annoys a Celtic Werewolf like shutting down his favourite pub.


If you're a Yu-Jing player then these are the base tops that you can use to give your soldiers the edge in terms of looks on the battlefield. These have been designed by Angel Giraldez and simply sit on top of a standard base for Infinity giving you a nice looking scenic base.

What will you be getting for Infinity in 2015?

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