Explore Warsenal’s Kapsulo Precinct In Your Infinity Games

September 7, 2020 by brennon

Warsenal has released a new set of terrain and objectives for you to use in your Infinity games this week. You can now head to the Kapsulo Precinct and see what kind of mischief you can get into with these new options.

Kapsulo Mainframe - Warsenal

Kapsulo Mainframe // Warsenal

The first of these terrain options is the massive Mainframe building. This is a big objective for you to battle over in your wargames, a central option for the clash between two factions. It is a seriously cool Sci-Fi building which looks like somewhere that you'd infiltrate in a game like X-COM.

As well as being a chunky building it also comes with a fully detailed interior which could be packed with consoles and explosive options.

Kapsulo Mainframe Interior - Warsenal

Kapsulo Mainframe Interior // Warsenal

Whilst I like the clean look of the building I think it would be fun to see someone paint this up with blast marks and scuffs on the outside and inside. You could maybe even link a few big guns onto the top of this building if you wanted to be super defensive.

Kapsulo Objective & Terrain

As well as the big Mainframe building you can also decorate your tabletop with some additional extras. You have the likes of the Kapsulo Coffers which no doubt hold lots of fascinating kit for you to pilfer.

Kapsulo Coffers - Warsenal

Kapsulo Coffers // Warsenal

You've also got the Kapsulo Data Jacks which allow you to, well, jack into their data ports and download important data from your enemies network. These look super cool and would be fun when placed within the large Mainframe building as objectives.

Kapsulo Data Jacks - Warsenal

Kapsulo Data Jacks // Warsenal

As well as those Data Jacks you've also got some nice options for objectives in your games of Infinity. For example, maybe you'd like to step in and blow up these Kapsulo Processors to stop your enemies from keeping their defence network in play.

Kapsulo Processors - Warsenal

Kapsulo Processors // Warsenal

Finally, you've also got the Kapsulo Terminals which are the obvious ways for you to get your hands on some information about the enemy. Are you tempted to explore this collection yourself and get stuck in for your next Infinity game?

Kapsulo Terminals - Warsenal

Kapsulo Terminals // Warsenal

All of this terrain is Laser Cut MDF and is designed specifically for use in Infinity. If you're setting up a lot of interesting tournament tabletops and objective-based scenarios then this is well worth diving in and picking up. It looks super Sci-Fi and could maybe work for a lot of other games too.

What do you make of this new set?

"It looks super Sci-Fi and could maybe work for a lot of other games too..."

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