Modiphius’ Infinity RPG Kickstarter Begins!

September 16, 2015 by brennon

The Modiphius Entertainment Kickstarter for the eagerly anticipated Infinity RPG drawing on the tabletop miniature wargame by Corvus Belli has now begun. If you're interested in getting deeper into their amazing Sci-Fi world and exploring it away from the battlefield then this is looking great.

Infinity RPG

The game puts you in deep within this cinematic world where factions clash and motivations are always changing. The system it all runs off is 2D20 and looks to create a narrative and dynamic game experience...

Play with the full dynamic 2d20 game system featuring...

  • Cinematic action driven by the twin engines of Heat and Momentum
  • The triple battlefields of Warfare, Infowar, and Psywar
  • A multifaceted Zones system which brings the game world to life
  • All New Artwork of the Infinity universe commissioned by Modiphius and Corvus Belli
  • Find out more about the 2d20 System further down the page

Explore the definitive guide to the Infinity universe with...

  • A complete Chronology of the Human Sphere detailing centuries of bloodshed
  • The culture, history, and intrigue of seven powerful factions
  • Gazetteers for all twelve planets of the Human Sphere, including beautiful, full-color maps

Leap into your character by...

  • Forging your identity with an immersive Lifepath character creation system
  • Fighting for your faction with the fractious, innovative Wilderness of Mirrors scenario design system
  • Facing dozens of fearsome, ready-to-play adversaries who stand between you and your destiny!


The pledges for this campaign are varied and give you a whole bunch of different options for how you want to grab your Infinity RPG.

Pledges #1

Pledges #2

There are also additional add-ons which include the likes of dice which are very fancy and as you can see they are looking to support the game for a while with a bunch of additional PDFs in the future which give you adventures and more.

The Models

Of course it wouldn't be an Infinity Kickstarter without some miniatures and Modiphius are working with Covus Belli on a range of them, some of which you can see below...

RPG Miniatures

It's neat to see some of the factions from the Infinity world out of their armour and looking like normal civilians. It also helps to bring home this Cyberpunk vibe to proceedings to go along with the High Sci-Fi you've come to know and love from Infinity.

I don't imagine it will be long till we see stretch goals unlocked for this one!

Have you pledged?

"Of course it wouldn't be an Infinity Kickstarter without some miniatures and Modiphius are working with Covus Belli on a range of them..."

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