The Infinity Releases For May Coming Soon!

May 31, 2016 by dignity

We're back delving into the world of Infinity as Corvus Belli show off what's coming out for their May release line up (due to be released around Mid-June). We're kicking things off with a visit to PanOceania.

Bagh Mari Unit

Joining the Acontecimento Shock Army we have this box of four miniatures. These soldiers are a covert group of individuals that thrive out there in the jungle.

Named after their ancient, tiger-slaying namesakes they are a force to be reckoned with and a dab had at covert search and destroy operations.

Xeodron Batroids

We really like when anyone adds something robotic into the mix and this set of two miniatures for the Onyx Contact Force and the Combined Army is looking very nice indeed. The Xeodrons are techno-organic creatures who are pledged in service to the EI.

Programed with advanced tactical skills, great mobility on the tabletop and plenty of goodies up their sleeves I could see these being a welcome addition to any army.

Onyx Contact Force

Keeping with the Combined we have the new Contact Force which allows you to make a 300 Point squad for the tabletop. These fellows are the representatives of the EI to new races and civilisations and operate in remote locations without need for support.

While 'Contact Force' might sound like something diplomatic I imagine most of their endeavours end with a dangerous clash. As they say, it's "Annexation or Death" with these guys.

Bashi Bazouk With Boarding Shotgun

Leading the way for the Haqqislam this month for the Qapu Khalqi we have this simple miniature. He is a new version with an updated troop profile for those Turkish themed armies out there.

He comes with a Holoprojector and access to some new Human Sphere N3 Rules giving him access to some funky shenanigans on the tabletop.

Kousil Assault Pioneers With Boarding Shotguns

Since shotguns appear to be the flavour of the month the Tohaa weren't going to be left out. Here we have one of the few Engineers available to the Tohaa also equipped with a rather dangerous panzerfaust.

If you're cautious and play with skill she could be an important asset on the tabletop.

Which was your favourite release from this month?

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