Amazing New Minis! Raveneye & Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack Unboxing | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek

March 21, 2022 by avernos

Join us for a Raveneye & Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack Unboxing! We dive into some amazing new miniatures from Corvus Belli for use in the Sci-Fi wargame, Infinity.

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We're getting a look at the Raveneye Book, the Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack PLUS loads more including the Dire Foes: Slave Trophy Set and the Tyrok Hunter Exclusive miniature! Loads for you to get excited about including the Raveneye Officer that has snuck in for O-12!

There are some absolutely stunning miniatures in this collection that you'll certainly want to add to your Morat force. It's made even better by all of the fantastic additions to the bundle that you can snap up right now.

Comment To Win!

There are chances for you to win some fantastic Infinity prizes thanks to the folks at Corvus Belli.

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We're going to be picking a winner from the comments on our YouTube videos, here OnTableTop PLUS you get another chance if you're a Cult Of Games Member.

Make sure to get involved and check out the rest of the Raveneye Week videos throughout this week!

Which Infinity miniature is your favourite so far?

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