New Infinity Releases For August 2016!

August 7, 2016 by Justin

See what you make of the new releases for Infinity that are hitting shelves this month. Without further ado let's get stuck in...

Black Friars With MULTI Rifle

Game: Infinity Army: PanOceania Model(s): Black Friars

Fighting for PanOceania and the Military Orders we have the Black Friar. They are named such for both their grim clothing and their even darker reputation.

As the twilight guardians of PanOceania their designated mission is to provide security against any possible infiltration by enemy agents. Serving God and PanOceania they are the line that separates good and evil, peace and chaos.

Mavericks, 9th Motorized Recon Bat

Game: Infinity Army: Ariadna Model(s): Mavericks

For Ariadna this month we have the Mavericks. Blasting right into the middle of trouble they rely on their speed to carry the day.

They look like they have all the kit they need to take the fight to the enemy and drive them from objectives on the tabletop. Are you tempted by a full on bike-based USAriadna squad?

Corregidor Bandit Hackers

Game: Infinity Army: Nomads Model(s): Bandits Hacker

The Nomads welcome a new member of the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command. These warriors are protectors of their people and will stop at nothing to make sure that those who threaten them meet a sticky end.

The model looks great with a very scary mask! The weapon itself also looks like it straddles the line between medieval weapon and brutal futuristic technology.

Djanbazan Tactical Group

Game: Infinity Army: Haqqislam Model(s): Djanbazan

Haqqislam get tactical with their new models for the Qapu Khalqi. As part of the Special Assault Corps of the Muhafiz they have a repuation of being reckless and above all very dangerous.

Conducting covert ops within the shadows they are deadly warriors who come armoured and armed to the teeth. With a different paint scheme they'd look perfectly at home within the world of Deus Ex.

Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank With Red Fury

Game: Infinity Army: Yu Jing Model(s): Pheasant Rank

Finally we have this fantastic new model for Yu Jing and the Imperial service. These soldiers are third-level officials in the tactical judiciary branch.

As special advisers they lend assistance to local and state police departments in the fight against violent and organised crime.

You will find them in the most far flung parts of the State Empire where they also assist these settlements with law enforcement and, when needed, military support.

Which of these new miniatures has caught your eye?

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