ITS Season 8: Tagline Coming To Infinity

September 16, 2016 by brennon

Well, now you've watched that awesome video from Corvus Belli above you'll want to know what it was all about. Well, you can now look at picking up the new ITS Season 8: Tagline kit helping you build up an Infinity tournament with your friends...

Season 8 - Tagline

The season began on September 1st 2016 and will run until IV Interplanetary. Set during a specific moment within the Infinity background this will also have players feeling like they have a real impact on the history of the game.

ITS Winner Pack

New rules and events will trigger throughout the season too meaning that the state of play is constantly going to be changing.

ITS Winners Pack

The Official Tournament Manager now tracks player statistics and you'll have a new mission to play, Capture & Protect. Included within the ITS kit you'll also get...

  • Winner Pack Season 8 (Joe “Scarface” Turner miniature, Scarface badge, ITS Season 8 badge, ITS Season 8 patch)
  • 2x random ID Badges
  • 2x random CAMO tokens
  • 1x S1 token
  • 1x State: Locked marker
  • 3x special random patches
  • 2x Alternative artwork cards for Extreme Prejudice [36] (1 English+1 Spanish)
  • 1x Navajo Outpost Scenery Pack
  • 1x Special Poster to announce your tournament
  • 1x Winner’s Diploma
  • 1x ITS Tournament Code

You can pick up your own copy of the Winners Pack HERE and dive into the ITS Rules Pack for more information on how to run your games.

Scarface Says Hello

Of course, the real prize is the Exclusive Miniature, Scarface Turner, the Mercenary TAG Pilot.

Scarface Turner

So, will you be playing in this new season of ITS? If so we'd love to hear how its going and of course when new developments hit we'll try to keep on top of them!

Have fun folks!

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