Infinity Sneak Peek: Caledonian Highlander Army Starter Pack

May 11, 2017 by dignity

Check out this awesome Exclusive Preview for you of what awaits the Ariadna faction with a release in Mid-June for Infinity. Here we have the Caledonian Highlander Army Starter Pack!

Infinity Sneak Peek: Caledonian Highlander Army Starter Pack

This Sectorial Force for Ariadna contains...

  • 3x Caledonian Volunteers: two with Rifle, one Paramedic
  • 1x Caledonian Mormaers with T2 Rifle
  • 1x 3rd Highlander Greys with T2 Rifle & CCW
  • 1x 9th Wulver Grenadiers with T2 Rifle & AP CCW

...and it even came with this awesome quote.

"Ariadna concentrates all its rage into the Caledonian Highlander Army, with plenty of savage Scottish and hybrid Human-Antipode warriors creating an overwhelming horde as uncontrollable as it is irrepressible in battle."

Sound pretty Scottish to me! The models for this look fantastic and it's nice to see the mix of the classic soldier with those antipode-influenced warriors too. A wild force that would be a lot of fun to paint.

What do you think?

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