Sneak A Peek At The Upcoming Heroes Of Infinity: Defiance

July 26, 2019 by brennon

Corvus Belli has now shown off the painted versions of their Infinity: Defiance heroes who are going to be delving into their Sci-Fi dungeon crawl when the game comes to Kickstarter later this year.

Cadin - Infinity Defiance

We start with probably my favourite model from the collection, Cadin "Firststrike". I love the energy of the sculpt as he is leaping into the fray, his bestial tendencies pushing him into savage combat. Well, it's either that or he has tried to do a bit of parkour and he's tripped over that bit of terrain.

Next up we have Jazmin "Jazz" who is slightly less absorbed in the business of killing things and will most likely be taking on a bit more of a hacker role in the group.

Jazmin - Infinity Defiance

The attention to detail in the sculpt is great and I love that the studio paint job has picked out all of the clean lines in her outfit and even added in a bit of freehand work too. One hopes that the miniatures from the boxed game will be detailed enough to pick all of these out for ourselves!

The third character for the group is the hulking Qiang Gao who is going to be offering up the ranged support as part of the group. That machine gun is just waiting to cut down as many Combined as possible.

Qiang - Infinity Defiance

I really like the serious look on his face, as if he is concentrated on the task at hand. You could imagine him being quite the grim and determined member of the team who has little time for jokes. This model clearly needs some muzzle flare coming from the end of his gun and spent bullets all over the floor.

Last but not least we have Uma Sorensen who comes as part of the PanOceania aspect of this team. She is armed for quick and deadly combat in close quarters with those machine pistols. She is armed to the teeth too...I didn't even notice the pistol strapped to her leg!

Uma - Infinity Defiance

This all comes together to create an interesting team for those diving into Infinity: Defiance. It's cool to see Corvus Belli looking to find another way to introduce people into the world of Infinity and a dungeon crawler with a Sci-Fi twist seems like a neat idea. Hopefully, the rules will be tweaked to suit newcomers a little more too.

Cover Art

Oh, and over on Facebook the team at Corvus Belli also showed off the cover art for the game too.

Infinity Defiance Cover Art - Corvus Belli

Very cool I think you'll agree! It gives you a good idea of the crazy situations your group is going to be getting itself stuck into and there is a lot of blood flying around!

I think this would serve as a very good cover fo the game, highlighting just what kind of wild game you're in for.

Will you be backing this when the Kickstarter hits?

"It gives you a good idea of the crazy situations your group is going to be getting itself stuck into..."

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