USAriadna Vs PanOceania 150pts Battle Report

July 7, 2015 by lloyd

USAriadna Week heats up with our first battle report of the week. A fight breaks out between the USAriadna force that comes in the Army Pack and the PanOceania troops from Operation Icestorm in a 150pts clash.

USAriadna Vs PanOceania 150pts Battle Report

You've heard about their Troop Profiles & Sectorial Army Lists and now it's time to see them in action. We also want to know who your money is on!

Once again Carlos from Corvus Belli takes on our very own Killian. Watch to see who takes the braging rights and check out other battles...

Watch out for the 300pts game later this week.

Lists Used In The Game

If you want to try out this lists used in this game just print out the images below:



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Pre-Order USAriadna

There are also pre-orders now available over on the Corvus Belli. There are a whole array of different bundles, some of which give you additional pre-order models! What will you be going for?

Who do you think will win this tussle?

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