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Weekender: Halo Fleet Battles Special!


USAriadna Vs Nomads 300pts Infinity Battle Report – Part 2


Time for the second instalment of our 300pts Battle Report, the USAriadna have started out strong in an aggressive attack that has put them in the lead.

Weekender: New 40k Content & The Age Of Sigmar Debate


Welcome to The Weekender. In this episode we're delving into long forgotten territory with the potential of a Warhammer 40,000 Week.

USAriadna Vs Nomads 300pts Infinity Battle Report – Part 1


Carlos is ready for revenge! He has expanded his USAriadna list to 300 points and Killian has bought his Nomads to the table. Get ready for a titanic clash as these two armies face off!

Infinity: Human Sphere N3 Revealed


With the next N3 Infinity book, Human Sphere, fast approaching our resident expert Killian has sat Carlos down and picked his brains over what's next for the game. They also chat about what might be following Human Sphere. Let's just say the details made Killian's eyes light up...

Infinity: USAriadna Battlebox & Beyond


You've seen the USAriadna Army Pack earlier in the week which will get you started; but how will you be able to expand upon it to tackle the other factions in Infinity? Fear not for in this video we preview what USAriadna players can look forward to in the coming months ahead.

USAriadna Vs PanOceania 150pts Battle Report


USAriadna Week heats up with our first battle report of the week. A fight between the USAriadna force that comes in the Army Pack and the PanOceania troops from Operation Icestorm in a 150pts clash.

Infinity: USAriadna Troop Profiles & Sectorial Army List


Here's the one that you veteran Infinity players have been waiting for as we take a look at and discuss the new trooper profiles plus the Sectorial Army List for the new USAriadna force. Awesome sauce will be poured as Carlos puts it.

Infinity: Designing The USAriadna


USAriadna Week continues with a discussion on the design process of the latest army to hit the Infinity universe. Not only that but there is some sweet looking concept art to show off as well like this trooper here and more...

Infinity: USAriadna Army Pack Unboxed


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