Weekender: Halo Fleet Battles Special!

July 18, 2015 by lloyd

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Welcome to a special Weekender where we're taking a look at the awesome Halo: Fleet Battles game from Spartan Games. We've got Neil and Derek in the studio unboxing the game plus loads more...

Weekender: Halo Fleet Battles Special!


The Halo-verse has been crying out for a proper miniatures game for a while (yes, we know there are some out there but not like this!) so it was great news to hear that Spartan Games were making Fleet Battles.

Lloyd sits down with the guys from Spartan to take a look at whats in the massive Starter Box and learn more about designing the game and fitting it all into the background.

Bolt Action

We also take some times to delve into a new release from Warlord Games and talk Bolt ActionGermany Strikes is the new source book covering the early period of the war.

It is also the time for heroes like the insane Mad Jack Churchill who could make for quite the iconic hero on the tabletop.

Prize Winners

We have some prize winners to announce for USAriadna Week and a recap of those winners from the Infinity Boot Camp since Warren forgot to mention them!

Join Backstage For XLBS Tomorrow


Watch out for the XLBS show tomorrow where Lloyd will be talking about the future of the Halo franchise with Spartan Games.

Are you liking the look of Halo?

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