Blacklist Unlock LOADS Of New Fantasy Minis On Kickstarter

April 23, 2020 by brennon

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Blacklist Games has been adding loads of new options into the mix for those backing their Fantasy Series 1 Kickstarter. A bunch of new characters, creatures and powerful boss monsters have been added into the mix recently!

Fantasy Series 1 Funded - Blacklist Games

The core of the campaign has been talked about before here on OnTableTop and so I thought it would be great to dive into all of the stretch goals that Blacklist Games have added into the mix. There are loads of awesome heroes and monsters to check out!

65 Female Elf Cleric - Blacklist Games

70 Innkeeper - Blacklist Games

75 Male Half-Elf Fighter - Blacklist Games

80 Bandits - Blacklist Games

85 Female Orc Rogue - Blacklist Games

There has been a really nice mix of different characters here which give you alternatives for some of the core races. They should give you a lot of good options when starting out in a roleplaying game and a few could even be used as named foes that you come across when you're out questing on the tabletop.

90 Lich Lord - Blacklist Games

95 Ghouls -Blacklist Games

100 Demon Lord - Blacklist Games

105 Male Elf Bard - Blacklist Games

Some of the options from the stretch goals give us some ideas for scenarios too. It would be rather cool to be on the hunt for the Lich Lord whilst being pursued by Ghouls that he has unleashed on you. Then, maybe you find out that he has actually been drawn into the schemes of that brutal Demon Lord!

Finally, we also have a couple of new stretch goals which haven't been unlocked just yet...

110 Gnome Bard - Blacklist Games

115 Harpies - Blacklist Games

There is a lot packed into that core pledge for the range now and it will be fun to see what else they managed to cram in by the end of the campaign. This should give you a lot of options for those starting a Fantasy campaign or perhaps populating an existing one.

Are you going to be picking up this Kickstarter bundle?

"Some of the options from the stretch goals give us some ideas for scenarios too..."

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