Delve Into Dungeons Of Doom V With Old School RPG Characters

August 10, 2018 by brennon

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A great team of folks have banded together for the new Dungeons Of Doom Kickstarter. Star Hat Miniatures, Flytrap Factory and Gary Hunt Miniatures to name a few! This collection offers up a series of old school looking characters for your dungeon delving.

Artorius - Dungeons Of Doom

The range deals with some classic looking characters and some that aren't quite so familiar. For example, Artorius above is a rather awesome duck in a dungeon!

Gunnar - Dungeons Of Doom

Sir Roys - Dungeons Of Doom

As well as these heroes of Law we also have some characters from the other side of the coin. Here are some of the Chaos characters including the fantastic Jim.

Jim - Dungeons Of Doom

This isn't all of the different characters that are available and because of the work between Star Hat and the other companies, you have some great alternative options too as Add-Ons.

Brokk Bloodaxe - Dungeons Of Doom

Ainger - Dungeons Of Doom

As well as this collection they also have a special character which I think is my favourite character from the set.

Amarok - Dungeons Of Doom

Amarok is awesome and I really love the sculpt. It reminds me of those old Rangers and Fighters that you would have seen in classic Fantasy novels and the like. I would love to snag this fellow and just paint him up!

Will you be checking out this campaign in more detail?

"Amarok is awesome and I really love the sculpt..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)