Emvicreative Bring Greenskull Castle Goblins To Kickstarter

December 4, 2020 by brennon

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Emvicreative has now hit up Kickstarter with their new project which is focused on some excellently sculpted Goblins for use in your tabletop Fantasy games. The Greenskull Castle collection has brought together the Wise, the Warriors and the Craftsmen.

Greenskull Castle Kickstarter - Emvicreative

Greenskull Castle Kickstarter // Emvicreative

Marco and Vittorio have been working in the industry for a while now under Terrible Kids Stuff but they are now looking to try something new with Emvicreative. Lockdown inspired them to start tinkering around with something new and that's where Greenskull Castle was born.

This is a collection of 32mm Goblin miniatures that you can use in your roleplaying, skirmish and larger wargames as characters to lead the way or perhaps misguided (or evil!) heroes during your tabletop adventures.

Wise Goblins - Emvicreative

Wise Goblins // Emvicreative

As mentioned above, this collection of Goblins are broken down into three different bundles. You've got The Wise above who are a collection of spellcasters, tinkerers and thinkers who could well be taking command of Greenskull Castle.

We've also got a set of Warriors who are all armed with swords, axes and more for cutting folks into tiny pieces.

Warrior Goblins - Emvicreative

Warrior Goblins // Emvicreative

You'll have no doubt noticed that some of these characters are their own takes on popular figures from video games, TV and more! Each of the characters also features a bunch of little storytelling nods here and there including those dolls which each of them has about their person.

Last but not least we have The Craftsmen who bring together a series of more measuring individuals. Well, maybe.

Craftsmen Goblins - Emvicreative

Craftsmen Goblins // Emvicreative

Again we have a tinkerer, alchemist and also that excellent cook called Knamb. I do really like Xmuked, The Thief as well who is looking suitably murderous and ready to leap into action. The miniatures are all available at 32mm scale and you can see how they measure up against other miniatures out there from different creators...

Scale Comparison - Emvicreative

Scale Comparison // Emvicreative

So, they seem suitably Goblin-sized alongside many of the different 28mm ranges out there so they should be a good fit alongside the rest of your collection. There are a few different pledge levels for you to check out for the Kickstarter but I wanted to zone in on the Knight option as a good starting point.

Knight Pledge - Emvicreative

Knight Pledge // Emvicreative

This gives you one set of your choice. However, if you want all of these Goblins for your collection then you can indeed do that and pick up the King pledge. There is also the Squire pledge level which allows you to just pick one miniature you like the most.

Are you going to be giving this set of miniatures a closer look?

"Are you going to be giving this set of miniatures a closer look?"

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