Radio Dishdash’s Skirmish Sangin Brings The ‘Mog’ To Kickstarter

July 27, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Radio Dishdash Publishing has a new Kickstarter running until August 23rd for an expansion of the modern combat skirmish game, Skirmish Sangin. The new expansion brings to life the terrible events of October of 1993 in Mogadishu Somalia. The new expansion will be called the Day of the Rangers or Maalintii (day in Somali)  Rangers.

Maalintii Rangers

The new expansion not only has a new rule book but a new set of Miniatures for US Army Rangers and US Army Delta. Depending on the level you pledge for you could also receive Humvees, building, and many different tokens.

Skirmish Sangin Miniatures

It looks to be an amazing deal for a very good game.  if you are into modern combat games you you should check out  Skirmish Sangin. I am very excited to see this game grows and develops, there is so much unexplored territory when it comes to miniature gaming in this period.

Clearing the route

There is a whole new set of challenges and tactics to develop for the modern gamer and the incredible about of technology that can be employed into a scenario is mind boggling. I plan on building an entire table based on campaigns over the past twenty years.

To me I have more of an attachment as I was a member of the military during this time and I will be able to see how to bring real training to the game. I have pledged in this Kickstarter and I am very excited to see what comes from Skirmish Sangin and Radio Dishdash Publishing.

Have you tried Skirmish Sangin?

"It looks to be an amazing deal for a very good game..."

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