Star Hat Miniatures Close In On Final Days For DuckQuest!

September 17, 2019 by brennon

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Star Hat Miniatures are now closing in on the final few days for their wonderfully unique DuckQuest Kickstarter which grabbed the attention of Warren during one of our past Weekender episodes!

Duckquest Heroes - Star Hat Miniatures

The aim of the campaign was to work on a range of heroes, monsters and more that gave you a unique twist on the characters found within the classic dungeon crawler which dragged many of us into the hobby, HeroQuest. As well as the heroes above they also worked on some fun options to cover the various villains that you'd face down in the darkness...

Duckhat Champions - Star Hat Miniatures

...and they even expanding things to include some other cool releases like the Children Of The Corn here who were 'duck' takes on classic Oldhammer figures.

Duckquest Children Of The Corn - Star Hat Miniatures

Effectively, if you like ducks and other birds as Fantasy adventurers then this is the Kickstarter for you to get stuck into. They didn't stop with smaller models either as the funding value was raised high enough to make this massive Daffyd Platypyros a reality too!

Daffy Platypyros - Star Hat Miniatures

The real question is, what does a duck dragon breath? Is it fire...or...water? Either way, if you were able to slay that you'd have enough to fill your crispy duck pancakes for a month!

Duck-tastic Roleplaying

As well as the miniatures the team at Star Hat Miniatures also worked on a system-agnostic adventure called Quack Keep which threw you into The Reedy Bend Tales where you have to see if you can keep the deadly Daffyd Platypyros at bay, or perhaps something else is going on behind the scenes? On top of that they also just announced this...

Duckquest Fantasy Roleplay - Star Hat Miniatures

So yes, with the help of Jon Hodgeson and Rom Brown they have worked to try and bring something extra into the world of DuckQuest. Suddenly your adventures can step beyond the bounds of those old dungeon tiles and adventure out into a wider world following on from your time with Quack Keep.

There is a lot of special stuff go to and explore as part of their Kickstarter so make sure to dive in and give this game a look!

Are you tempted by some Ducky Dungeon Delvers?

"Are you tempted by some Ducky Dungeon Delvers?"

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