Warploque Launches ArcWorlde 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

September 26, 2019 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures has been diving back into the world of Kickstarter with their new project focused on bringing ArcWorlde 2nd Edition and some new warbands to life for tabletop wargamers.

ArcWorlde Kickstarter - Warploque Miniatures

The big focus here is on launching the game properly with four factions, each containing some of the best miniatures out there on the market right now. As well as this you'll also be able to snag yourself the rules which you can already download in Beta format HERE. If reading isn't for you there are also some great videos too including a How To Play series starting here...

...and a full gameplay video here where we see the Halflings going up against the Wild Elves.

Whilst this Kickstarter is focused on just four factions there are loads of them for you to choose from and a lot of the old models are still available through their webstore.

Five Kingdoms Of ArcWorlde - Warploque Miniatures

Many of them, as you'll see, are going to be tailored for later on down the line with new models for a lot of the different factions coming out in 2020 and 2021. You can see how the first four factions are looking however right now and I hope you'll agree that they are characterful, whimsical and quite unique!

Halflings - Warploque Miniatures

Wild Elves - Warploque Miniatures

Undead Raiders - Warploque Miniatures

Beastfolk - Warploque Miniatures

I am a really big fan of the Wild Elves because of the fae nature that Warploque has managed to capture in their sculpts, making them feel more like woodland sprites and strange creatures rather than the proud and noble knife-ears we're used to seeing. I also really like the Beastfolk because of the Scottish clan theme and the mix of different animal folk they've worked into the mix.


When it comes to actually pledging for the game there are a number of different options available to you...

Pledges - Warploque Miniatures

I'm tempted to dive in at the Adventurer level where I can get my hands on the awesome Explorer plus one of the warbands and the rules. Because of the low-model count nature of ArcWorlde and the focus on it being heavily driven by narrative, it seems like a good entry-level price to get a bunch of good stuff.

Of course, beyond that, you've got lots of different elements you can draw on like a few monsters which might act as either part of your warband or elements of their own that mess with the plans of all players involved.

A few years ago Warploque did a Battle For Troll Bridge set which was for four players where one player actually took on the role of the eponymous troll!

If you haven't checked out ArcWorlde before I would highly recommend it as a skirmish game. I've gone through the new rules a few times and I love the freeflow format of them where narrative and fun is front and centre.

What do you think of the new warbands and gameplay?

"I love the freeflow format of them where narrative and fun is front and centre..."

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