Abyssals & Elven Shamblers Up Next For Kings Of War

November 25, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have been keeping the pedal to the metal with their Kickstarter campaign for Kings of War 2nd Edition with a whole bunch of new unlocks popping up including more for the Abyssals, Elves and even Basileans in their world of Mantica...

Soul Reavers


Forest Shamblers

First to be hit were the Soul Reavers who are quite the deadly looking addition to the Undead army. These chaps are vampire knights making for a deadly elite choice in your army of shambling horrors. Up next we have the coming of the Abyssal Iffrit wreathed in flames and then soon the Elf Forest Shamblers who I think are going to be a great addition!

Kings of War Campaign Book

Valandor & Ba'al

Elf King on Dragon

Basilean Heavy Warmachine

As well as the big stretch goals they have also added a bunch of add-on pieces to the collection of fantasy warriors battling it out for the forthcoming campaign that will decide the fate of Mantica. I particularly like the new Elf King on Dragon (the one from Dungeon Saga) coming our way and the characters of Valandor and Ba'al. Always a big fan of the Mantic characters so this will no doubt be just as cool.

What are you most looking forward to?

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