Check Out Three Previews Of Upcoming Kings Of War Models

January 5, 2016 by brennon

Mantic Games have shown off a few concept art images of what's coming up this year for Kings of War. One of their Blog Posts takes a look at three new units in particular with some Undead, Elves and Abyssal Dwarfs...

Undead Wights

"The Undead Wights are a Large Infantry unit who pack a real punch with Crushing Strength(3) and Brutal. We’re looking at creating a three model metal set to let players field these alongside their shambling hordes."

This is the unit that I'm looking forward to the most. I love the idea of these massive warriors glowing with balefire whipping around their armour. Let's hope they live up to the concept art.

Silverbreeze Cavalry

"The Elven Silverbreeze Cavalry are lightly armoured bowmen mounted on horseback. Ideal for ranging ahead and taking out enemy warmachines, or threatening an opponents flank, they are some of the most maneuverable cavalry in the game.

We’re looking to produce a five strong cavalry set to reinforce elven armies."

The Mantic crew then finish off with a look at the Abyssal Dwarf Slavedriver who looks dangerous indeed. We've no details on him from the blog but I would imagine that he will be driving your troops forward and whipping them up into a frenzy.

Abyssal Dwarf Slavedriver

...and there we go. There's plenty to look forward to from Mantic over the next few weeks and months. Kings of War is really growing and the armies that you use within the world have developed a nice degree of character too.

Which of these three previews excites you the most?

"I love the idea of these massive warriors glowing with balefire whipping around their armour..."

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