Mantic’s Kings Of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter Over! [Update!]

December 1, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games are powering on towards the $250,000 mark with their Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter and with three days left to go on the campaign it's time to have a look at some of the new additions coming your way...

Update: On top of all the additional miniatures below some more concept art has popped up for the Naiads, Forces of Nature and the deadly fire breathing Salamanders!


First up are said Naiads that the team are looking for your input on. There are two other designs for them that they'd like you to vote on as backers and then they'll go ahead with the most popular option. It's great to see that we're getting some more alternative and strange races popping up in Mantica.


Additionally the community also voted on the addition of a Druid to the Forces of Nature and this is the style that was picked. They've gone for a more 'wild woman' style approach that combines a few different influences from our own world.


Last but not least is the Salamander race that you've seen in the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter that blew up earlier this year. I love the idea of bipedal dragon types and it's nice to see Mantic's take on them getting to the tabletop for Kings of War. It does also help that i reckon this is going to be a dream to paint.

Orc War Drum

Ogre Warlock

Ogre Berserker Braves

We'll kick things off with a look at some of the add-ons both funded and coming soon to the big armies you'll be making for that world spanning campaign Mantic have in the works. The Orcs are now banging their wardrums while the Ogres have unlocked the secrets of the arcane and unleashed their berserkers on the battlefield too.

I really want to see what the Berserkers look like in finished miniature form and would hope to have them more animated with axes swinging around as they charge into battle.


The Abyssal Dwarfs are not to be left out however when it comes to spellcasters and beasts of war. The Supreme Ironcaster is looking rather awesome and I think his mount will be cool too. I like that they've taken this modular approach with the Dragon kit allowing you to change the dead to make it into a different beast.

Demonlord Ba'el

"Cast to the deepest pit of the Abyss, his soul trapped and bound in the very Tome of Valandor itself, Ba’el has now returned to take his revenge. Half mad with rage and spite, his physical frame racked by the changes wrought upon it by the weird powers of the Abyss, Ba’el has only one focus – the destruction of his ‘brother’ Valandor, and his ascension to true Godhood."

Valandor"A legendary hero from the time before the Great Flood, Valandor’s true nature was revealed when he returned to battle the creatures of the Abyss once again. Now he faces a terrible choice – destroy one half of his immortal being, or watch the world of mortals burn to ashes."

Talking of legendary heroes and cool miniatures we definitely want to see the mighty Valandor and Demonlord Ba'el are also on the cards and I think both of these guys would be utterly sublime to see finished and painted up. I love the broken look to Ba'el showing that while he's a Demonlord he probably schemes and plots behind the scenes more than fighting in up close and personal combat.

Valandor is just a tank of a miniature and reminds me of some of the Angels from Diablo. Can't go wrong with a mighty pair of shoulder pads and an epic cloak. I do like cloaks.

Lonely Tower

Snowpine Village

Secret Weapon Rolling Fields

Mantic have also teamed up with not only 4Ground but also Secret Weapon to bring you some terrain to play your games on as well. There's no point having all these armies and then nothing to fight over! Above you can see some of the terrain sets you can get from them alongside the tiles that make up a glorious 6x4 table.

With a new rulebook, the chance to grab entire armies and even terrain part of the add-on package are you tempted to start Kings of War?

Let us know!

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