Are Dragons the Next Danger in Kings of War?

October 29, 2014 by dracs

Over on their Facebook, Mantic have asked players what new unit they would like to see in their Kings of War army and have published a picture of the fantasy genre's most famous monster. Here be dragons!

Kings of War Dragon

Hopefully, this could mean more of these mythic monsters will be joining the game. previously, the only dragon miniature available for Kings of War was that used by Elf Lord Teradian as a mount.

Elf Lord Teradion

To be honest, I always thought that this dragon model looked a little reduced when placed alongside some of the fantastic dragon models that have been out in the past. This art piece promises something a bit more exciting, so I hope that Mantic will come out with another, grander take on this fantasy mainstay.

Are you a fan of dragons? What new unit would you most like to see for Kings of War?

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