New Kings Of War Global Campaign Coming August 2021

June 15, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games has given an overview of the new Global Campaign coming to their Fantasy world of Pannithor and Kings Of War in August 2021. In a couple of month's time, you'll be able to Fight For The Rift and change the fate of the realm.

Global Campaign - Kings Of War

Global Campaign // Kings Of War

The team at Mantic Games haven't delved deep into what's happening as part of the campaign yet but they have given us an overview of what's happening...

"Long story short: it’s all Dravak Dalken’s fault. Cast your mind back to the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign and you may remember a certain Abyssal Dwarf called Dravak. This power-hungry ironcaster was determined to stamp his mark on Pannithor and, unfortunately for everyone else, he has found the perfect opportunity hidden underneath the Halpi Mountains."

Things have changed since the end of the Edge Of The Abyss Campaign with the Dwarfs pushed out of their home. The Abyssal Dwarfs have explored the depths of the holds and unearthed powerful magical energies which might be too much for them to control. Once the Nexus was unveiled it caused all manner of ripples in the power dynamic beneath the mountains and now everyone is out to claim power in the "Fight For The Rift".

A portion of this story has already been played out as the stage was set in Halpi's Rift.

Haplis Rift - Kings Of War

Halpi's Rift // Kings Of War

This book contained bundles of new rules for running your campaigns as well as an update for Clash Of Kings. If you're interested in playing out games affected by the Nexus then you're able to pick up Halpi's Rift for half price right now.

If you're interested in exploring the world of Pannithor with some new armies then you can also pick up the War In The Holds Starter Set too.

War In The Holds - Kings Of War

War In The Holds // Kings Of War

The War In The Holds set comes with an army of Ratkin alongside the fantastic looking new Goblins. You also get two exclusive miniatures with the Ratkin Warlock and Goblin Wiz. The set also comes with a free copy of the above mentioned Halpi's Rift so you can dive into the narrative before the Grand Campaign begins.

Are you primed and ready to get stuck into a new summer campaign for Kings Of War this year?

" everyone is out to claim power in the "Fight For The Rift""

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