Mantic Create New Free Army Lists For The Abyss & Forces Of Nature

March 18, 2016 by brennon

Mantic Games have now added two more Free Army Lists to their website for download to support the Forces of the Abyss and the Forces of Nature in Kings of War. You can check out both of them as PDF downloads as well as a whole range of new Kings of War releases...

The Monstrous Undead

Leading the way for the Undead in Kings of War we have the Wights which we've really taken a shine to. They are a vast improvement over the previous sculpts and look like they would be a terrifying foe to face.


I like that these are characters that actually look like they could do some damage on the battlefield. I could imagine older Wights dwelling in graveyards but these are proper ghostly warriors.

Following on from them we have the howling of the Lykanis...


These monstrous werewolves are the biggest, strongest, and quickest of the pack; the Alpha if you will. You get a rather massive metal model to play around with that looks like it would be great for a warband to take on as well as an army.


Riding into battle for the Elves we have their new Silverbreeze Cavalry. In the past I have mentioned that I don't particularly like the style of the Mantic Elves - far too lithe and willowy for my tastes. However, the horses are looking good here for sure.

Silverbreeze Cavalry

You'll most certainly find a place for these kind of models amidst your army with their ranged weapons allowing you to pick at the flanks of enemy units.

Abyssal Dwarfs

Whipping your army into shape and sending the slave Orcs onwards to their doom we have the Abyssal Dwarf Slavedriver. He looks like he means business.

Abyssal Dwarf Slave Driver

When the whip misses its mark I think that that brutal looking blade of his will prod you forwards and make you yearn for the blades of your enemies rather than the whips of the master. A dangerous army with a neat new dark Dwarfen addition to the clan.


Sometimes when the enemy lines just won't break you need someone to wade in there and shatter the defenders resolve. In those cases the Orcs send in a Troll Bruiser with one hell of a weapon held high ready to smash aside ranks of the enemy.

Troll Bruiser

While some people don't like the top heavy nature of the Trolls from Mantic I don't actually mind it. I think it lends them a Fantasy look which appears individual from other ranges. I could imagine them almost running on all fours before they get up close and start swinging.

Army Lists

Come and check out the PDF downloads and consider how you're going to build your next army. Remember that the Forces of Nature are neutral forces as they fight for no-one but the wild itself.


Forces Of The Abyss

Forces Of Nature

Forces Of Nature

Download both of them and give them a go. I really like the idea of making a Forces of Nature army which is packed with forest creatures and treemen. Centaurs are cool and such but the living wood is certainly something that appeals to me.

Which army will you be playing as?

"I really like the idea of making a Forces of Nature army which is packed with forest creatures and treemen..."

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