Mantic Games Kings Of War Releases Update

June 26, 2020 by avernos

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Mantic Games have updated the release schedule that they plan on using as the post lockdown as they get their plans back on track for their games, the one that interests me the most being Kings of War, the best fantasy massed battle game currently on the market. So kick back and I'll take you through the plans for Kings of War over the next four months or so.

Kings of War Northern Alliance

First off in July, there is a selection of releases for the Northern Alliance. These sets are a mixture of new upgrades for the existing plastic Clansmen Regiment like the Clansmen with Two-Handed Weapons and the Northern Alliance Pack Hunters Regiment and alongside those are the Ice Naiads Regiment that had previously only been available in the army deals. The final release for the Northern Alliance is the resin Thegn on Frostfang, again this is going to be available singularly for the first time.

Kings of War Nightstalkers

The other poster boy for 3rd edition, the Nightstalkers, are receiving some new units. The Soulflayer monstrous cavalry are arriving in resin. They're a fantastic unit on the tabletop flying spellcasting cavalry that is going to be a nightmare for your opponent to deal with. They are also getting a Dreadfiend just in case your army of monsters doesn't have enough monsters then this will fix that for you.

The Nightstalkers are vying for first place as my favourite Kings of War army and these will certainly help to reinforce their claim. Apart from these releases there are also some web exclusive resin upgrade packs in case you already have some miniatures you've been waiting on assembling; Snow Troll Prime, Two-Handed Weapons, Bows, and Northern Alliance Ice Naiads upgrades will all be available in July.

Kings of War: Vanguard Ogres

September brings out the big guns. The Ogres are coming to Vanguard as a skirmish faction, all of the models will be able to be used in Kings of War armies as well. The faction contains the Boomer Sergeant, above, as well as support packs for the Matriach and a Siege Breaker. The Vanguard releases will be accompanied by some new Kings of War products too, including a Siege Breakers regiment and some alternate parts for the Ogre Warriors. Plus, we’ll finally see the release of the Crocodogs, and who doesn't want reptilian crocodog to savage their enemies.

Kings of War Goblins

In October we have goblins arriving, nothing is officially known about the release beyond the Biggit and pal above. However, we do know that the goblins should have played a large part in the global campaign before it was cancelled, there are new plastic infantry that don't yet have a release date and a host of new heroes for them also so if we haven't seen them before then I expect we shall see them then. At the virtual Mantic open day Ronnie spilled that there are plans for a Ratkin and Goblin 2 player set so it's possible that these are the heroes for that... damn you time for making me wait!

what release for Kings of War has you most excited?

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