Mantic’s Kings Of War Kickstarter Stretch Goals Summon Abyssals!

November 14, 2014 by dracs

Mantic's Kickstarter campaign for the Kings of War 2nd Edition hardback rulebook is now live as of Friday 14th November at 1.30pm!

New Artwork

Update: The Kickstarter is now live so let's have a look at what's on offer as well as stretch goals...

Living Legend Pledge

God of War Pledge

These are the two key starting points for pledgers that will net them the new rules as well as some armies to play around with on the tabletop as well. The game is ALREADY FUNDED so that was bloody quick and stretch goals are clearly coming very soon.

Dwarf Armies

Kings of War 2nd Edition


Stretch goal wise the $50,000 target which has already been smashed unlocks an Army Builder for the game as well as a Chess Clock App for when you're playing in those timed scenarios for tournament play. As well as that Abyssals have entered the fray with some rather neat looking renders...

Abyssal Art

Abyssal Mage

Lower Abyssal Render #1

Lesser Abyssal Art

Lower Abyssal Render #2

Abyssal Succubus

Basilean War Wizard

The Forces of the Abyss were very popular in Dungeon Saga and will be getting hard plastic miniatures such as those that were found in Deadzone. The Forces of the Abyss will apparently form the primary driving force of their upcoming worldwide campaign, an announcement which is exciting in itself.

Do you plan to help fund the Kings of War 2nd edition rulebook?

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