Mantic’s Kings Of War Kickstarter Pledge Manager Opens

March 12, 2015 by brennon

Mantic Games have put together a helpful post over on their Kings of War Kickstarter page to help you with working out your pledges for the big fantasy battles fundraiser they ran. You can head on over now and check it out...

Mantic Pledge Manager

Effectively this works as a great big shop for all of the add-ons and other bits and pieces that you might have wanted to pick up from the Kickstarter. You can make sure that your pledge level is correct and then move on. Since the system is new they are letting people in a few at a time so don't be worried if you haven't got an invite yet.

Pledge Manager #1

Pledge Manager #2

The walk-through on their Kickstarter pages takes you through each step so you can just follow along and find the bits you need. In addition to all the armies and such there's the added bonus that the Secret Weapon Gaming Boards will also be available as add-ons if you so desire!

What did you pledge for during the campaign and do you like their pledge manager?

Let us know!

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