Mantic’s Updated Abyssal Dwarfs Stomp Into Kings Of War Vanguard

January 3, 2020 by brennon

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The Abyssal Dwarfs (or as some call them, Naughty Dwarfs) are going to be the next faction to get themselves a Kings Of War: Vanguard update from Mantic Games. A new plastic sprue is on the way allowing you to build some much more detailed warriors of chaos and destruction for use on the tabletop.

Abyssal Dwarf Sprue #1 - Mantic Games

The set looks very nice indeed and allows you to build all sorts of warriors armed with either their cruel-looking guns or a range of hand weapons. There is an added level of detail in the mix here which is a massive upgrade from their past iteration and it might make them a more intriguing prospect for someone looking to dive into some Fantasy wargaming.

Abyssal Dwarf Sprue #2 - Mantic Games

It looks like as well as the dastardly Dwarfs you're also going to get a few little monsters to throw into the mix too. Whilst the regular Dwarfs have their dogs, the Abyssal Dwarfs have brought something a little more demonic up from the bowels of hell.

Big Monsters

As well as these stout warriors you'll also be able to pick up some mighty beasts for use in your warband and beyond into the likes of Kings Of War itself, which just had its new edition released.

Abyssal Dwarf Beast - Mantic Games

Again, these are a mighty awesome step up in quality for the folks at Mantic Games and they are making the new edition of Kings Of War and its model range very hard to ignore. They have done something which I highly commend in that they've got a smaller entry-level product with Vanguard which could lead to you playing mass battle games down the line with Kings Of War proper. It's a good journey to take a new hobbyist on.

Abyssal Dwarf Beast (Alt) - Mantic Games

As well as these big monsters who are going to be popping up very soon we're also seeing the Abyssal Dwarfs get reinforcements in the form of the Ratkin Slave Reinforcement Pack which you can see here painted up.

Ratkin Painted - Mantic Games

I really like what they've done with these Ratkin too, taking nods from the way they developed the Veer-Myn in Warpath in their design. The larger look to the models with more bulk on their bones is a nice way to differentiate them from the likes of the Skaven from Warhammer.

Vanguard's Future

The future is also bright for more things Vanguard too as they have an Ogre warband in the works, a new tournament called Spearhead III and a free PDF update which covers all of the warbands that are currently in the mix for the game with the coming of 3rd Edition Kings Of War. You can find that HERE as well as more free downloads to get you going.

What do you make of the news for Vanguard?

"...they've got a smaller entry-level product with Vanguard which could lead to you playing mass battle games down the line with Kings Of War proper"

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