Fantastic Beasts Followers Pop Up From Knight Models This Week

June 14, 2019 by brennon

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Knight Models are expanding upon the range of options available for those diving into both the Batman Miniatures Game and the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game too. We start off with the new Bat-Box for Kobra, Kali Yuga.

Kali Yuga - Knight Models

For those that don't know of this villainous fellow and his followers, here's some of the background on them.

"Through a combination of rigorous training, Blood Magic, and advanced tech, the cult known as Kobra uses covert operations to launch terror attacks across the globe. Their aim is nothing short of sweeping aside the imperfect world, and heralding in a new dawn in their own image."

They sound like the perfect thugs to send up against Batman and his friends on the tabletop. As well as the Bat-Box which comes with the core characters of Kobra and Lady Eve (alongside a band of their soldiers) you can also expand it with the Kobra Soldiers set...

Kobra Soldiers - Knight Models

...and for when the environments get toxic (when someone gets angry on Twitter for example) you also have the Kobra Hazard Troopers.

Kobra Hazard Troops - Knight Models

This means that with this set of releases you can field a pretty diverse series of options for your Kobra force. As with other Bat-Box offers the set actually comes with some awesome extras including a scenario specifically designed around the force in the set. So, you can get going with them on the tabletop with this as your learning game perhaps.

Fantastic Beasts

As well as this dive into the world of DC we also have the team at Knight Models looking at some of the characters from the newest instalment of Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. Leading the way is Theseus Scamander, Leta LeStrange and Nicolas Flamel.

Scamander, Lestrange & Flanel - Knight Models.jpg

This set gives you access to Newt's brother and his love interest in the new films. You also get the rather famous Flamel who is, of course, the owner of the much-coveted Philosopher's Stone.

Talking of allies for the cause you can also now pick up a copy of the young(er) Albus Dumbledore from the new films too.

Professor Dumbledore - Knight Models

The model is looking very cool and bears resemblance to Jude Law (which is, of course, a good thing) but I can't help but feel that it will be used primarily as a display piece. I don't really like the idea of Professor Dumbledore going around the tabletop with his own table in tow. Let's hope they make an alternative version of him looking a bit more prepared for a scrap!

Last but not least we have President Picquery & Aurors.

President Picquery - Knight Models

As we've mentioned when looking at this range, if you're going to be playing a Harry Potter roleplaying game these are the kind of characters you could take and make your own. The kids from Hogwarts could be changed up to suit your needs with a different paint job and a bit of customisation for example. If you're playing adults then these Aurors, given a new lease of life, could make for great characters to send off solving magical mysteries.

Will you be adding any of this new range to your collection?

"If you're playing adults then these Aurors, given a new lease of life, could make for great characters to send off solving magical mysteries..."

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