A New Wave Of Marvel & DC Heroes This Month From Knight Models

May 18, 2016 by brennon

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Knight Models have put together another set of releases for this month to service their Batman Miniatures Game and Marvel Universe Game range. We'll kick of with what's on the cards for Marvel first this time...

Avengers & X-Men

Kicking things off for the Marvel set of miniatures we have Vision. I think he looks great here and is very similar to his movie appearance.


I really like the stance that they went for with Vision here as he is rising up ready to subjugate his foes with his power. They've also done some great work on the musculature allowing you to work with shading and highlighting to make him look ace.

Next up we have another Avenger and someone who has grown to be well liked by the Marvel crowd; Hawkeye.


Hawkeye here looks like he has harnessed the spirit of Johnny Cage with his look but otherwise is a cool model taking a shot with bow in hand. I like the addition of the scenic base too with the ruined SHIELD logo on it.

Lastly we turn to the X-Men with the addition of Nightcrawler to the crew.


Once again a cool pose for Nightcrawler as he is getting ready to pounce and attack his foes. I imagine he is going to bampf his way around the tabletop quite a lot making him a dangerous enemy to face.

The Marvel models really are grabbing my attention and I may actually need to try out this game with the Avengers.

DC Heroes

Leading the way for the DC Heroes for The Batman Miniatures Games we start things off with Starfire.


Starfire is, as her creator said, like 'Red Sonja' in space which is quite apt with that flaming red hair. She has superhuman strength, can fly at supersonic speeds and can go toe to toe with some of the greatest fighters in the DC universe.

Next up we have Ravager that we'd seen before in previews.


Apprentice to Deathstroke she is a deadly killer in her own right and looks rather awesome. Certainly one of the cooler DC characters.

Keeping up the 'Flash' angle we also have Kid Flash who might be a good sidekick for you to be playing with in your games.

Kid Flash

There are certainly a lot of different Speedsters within the DC universe and you could make up quite the scenario I reckon.

Last but not least we go to the best part of their Batman Miniatures range, the Animated Series characters. Here we have Black Canary looking awesome.

Black Canary

We certainly need to see a Joker and a Phantasm from this collection. It would be fantastic to see where this goes.

What do you think of their latest selection?

"The Marvel models really are grabbing my attention and I may actually need to try out this game with the Avengers..."

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