Extra! Extra! Read All About The Latest Newsies For Malifaux

June 26, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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This week's Malifaux Monday Preview from Wyrd Games is a glimpse at an interesting news crew, This crew, the Newsies, do in fact look like reporters - but we know the Guild already has reporters with Nellie Cochrane's crew and the Journalists.

So what do you suppose this meddlesome crew is up to? Judging by the dark circles under these kids' eyes, they are not entirely what they seem. Perhaps these are stealthy additions for the Neverborn, The Outcasts or The Resurrectionists? We could take it a step further and wonder if they could even be part of the Gremlins crew (they are on the small side)?

Who do you think these meddlesome Newsies belong to?

"Who do you think these meddlesome Newsies belong to?"

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