New Releases For Wyrd’s Malifaux Arrive

February 23, 2018 by brennon

February brings forth some new monsters and characters for the world of Malifaux. See what Wyrd Games has set up for you...

Ferdinand Vogel - Malifaux

First up we have this fellow, Ferdinand Vogel. You can see him here in two different forms with both his beast version and human design included within the set.

It's always awesome seeing someone bring more werewolves to the tabletop, and as you might imagine he has a classic Malifaux styling to him.

Following on from Vogel we have the Lotus Eaters who are adding a level of martial arts prowess to Malifaux.

Lotus Eaters - Malifaux

Once again, some awesome models which draw on inspiration from Oriental designs. I like the idea that you could really go to down with the tattoo work on these characters and produce some nice contrasts between the skin and the clothes on their bottom half.

Monsters & Contraptions

Next up we have the Little Gassers who are something odd indeed to throw into the mix!

Little Gassers - Malifaux

As you might imagine they are most likely going to explode! I think, once again, this opens up some interesting painting opportunities for people as they not only have the strangely coloured flesh of the creatures, but the gas to tackle here too.

Last but not least we turn from creatures of flesh to creatures of metal and the Medical Automatons.

Medical Automatons  - Malifaux

I would have said that these little contraptions were going to be helpful to your gang on the tabletop but the likelihood is that you'll probably end up with plenty of missing parts!

They might be slightly better than a regular sawbones though I'd say!

What do you think of the new releases for this month?

"It's always awesome seeing someone bring more werewolves to the tabletop..."

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