Malifaux’s Georgy & Olaf Ask Who Runs Gremlin-Town?

April 25, 2019 by dracs

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A new duo of brains and brawn are joining the Malifaux Gremlins for the 3rd edition; the big hat Georgy and his enforcer Olaf.

This pair works together as a new Enforcer character for Big Hat Bayou gangs. They bring a useful mix of Olaf's brawn, with his Staggering Punch ability, with ranged attack, with Georgy's Piggyback Ride letting him fire off shots even while they are engaged.

My personal favourite rule has to be "Who Runs Gremlin-Town?!" This ability lets Georgy and Olaf bolster your friendly minions. However, if the crew leader sees them doing this, they may just let off a pot shot at them to remind them who's boss.

I love this pair. They brilliantly capture the brutal, yet cartoonish, fun of the Malifaux Gremlins, while providing plenty of opportunities to bellow out Mad Max lines across the table.

Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!

"Brilliantly capture the brutal, yet cartoonish, fun of the Malifaux Gremlins."

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