Meet Wyrd’s Latest Gremlin, The Lucky Emissary

January 26, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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If you're a Gremlin player in Malifaux, then this week's preview is going to make your list! Have a look at the Lucky Emissary. How better than to move this fella around in a pig-powered hamster wheel? Wyrd Miniatures describes it best as a "pork-powered wrecking ball."

Wyrd lucky emissary1

Like all the Emissary models, this guy will offer a variety of unique buffs/benefits for each gremlin master, which is great- but let's be honest.

Wyrd Lucky Emissary

At the end of the day, it's really all about the best use of a pig on the Gremlins tables, and this guy just nailed it.

What do you think of this porky machine?

"...Wyrd Miniatures describes it best as a "pork-powered wrecking ball""

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