Take A Peek At Malifaux’s November Releases From Wyrd

October 6, 2017 by brennon

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We looked at what's available for Malifaux this month from Wyrd Games, and now we move on to look at what's coming in November for this awesome game.


Leading the way we have this God-like looking character in the form of Kandara. One of the great things about Malifaux is that it embraces all manner of different cultures. This is going to be a fantastic model to paint up with her flaming hair and that light blue skin.

Plenty of other interesting characters are also in the mix include The Guild getting themselves The Jury. If you want someone to lay down some justice then this mistress would be a great pick.

The Jury

Maybe one of the people that she will be laying judgement upon will be Asura Roten here? Sending her dead followers forward she has quite the power within herself to call upon.

Asura Roten

With blades in hand, we also have The Midnight Stalker who looks like he might have taken a few cues from Jack The Ripper in his design. I think he looks commanding and deadly as he strides forward.

The Midnight Stalker

It's not just characters that are making it into the mix as we also have some cool looking monsters and more.

Wrestlers & Weird Creatures

Heading things up for this particular angle in the world of Malifaux we have Grootslang.


Now you need to clearly throw into the mix some slimy paint and effects for this creature. Adding in some slick and slime to his tongue would be perfect as well as the sheen on his skin.

I also saved the best for last with the Wrastlers. Who wouldn't want some gremlins with a penchant for luchador masks and throwing chairs and pigs?


These would be exceptionally fun for you to paint up and I can't wait to see someone design a diorama with these fellows actually fighting in a ring.

What do you think of the November offerings?

"This is going to be a fantastic model to paint up with her flaming hair and that light blue skin."

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