Rasputina Brings The Cold With Her In Wyrd’s January Releases

January 3, 2020 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has got lots in store for you players of Malifaux as January rolls in to start the year off. There is a bit of a cold snap in the air for sure as leading the way we have Rasputina and her Core Box.

Rasputina Core Box - Wyrd Games

Rasputina has always been one of the iconic characters from the world of Malifaux and it's great to see her return in style here with an even more wintery looking set of friends at her side. She looks commanding and dangerous and comes flanked by some dangerous looking December Acolytes who look like they'd die for her. Also, you can't not notice the massive Snow Storm that gets included in this set, a monstrous creature which looks like it will be a real statement piece for the tabletop.

As for the rest of the releases, there are so many of them that I had to cherry-pick a few. If you want the full list you can see ALL of the releases HERE but for now, we're going to peek at just some choice options that caught my eye...

Witching Hour

Witching Hour - Wyrd Games

Brood Mates

Brood Mates - Wyrd Games

Centre Stage

Centre Stage - Wyrd Games


Geryon - Wyrd Games

High Society

High Society - Wyrd Games

Listen Up

Listen Up - Wyrd Games

I always love seeing what inventive stuff the folks at Wyrd have been up to and I like that everything they do has got this sense of horror to it but then twisted up in an element of dark comedy too. You can see that in the aforementioned Listen Up set above which looks like it would an absolute joy to paint and play with, not taking things too seriously.

Lastly, I wanted to pick out a rather epic looking miniature that got mentioned towards the tail end of their January releases. Here is the model for Nekima (Alt)!

Nekima - Wyrd Games

I thought the model just had this awesome sense of ferocity and brutality to it. You can see every ounce of anger etched into her facial features and the pose is perfect for tabletop play, always dynamically running/flying towards her opponent.

If the world of Malifaux hadn't appealed to you before I bet it does now after having a peek at some of these new models for 2020.

Do you get in a bit of Malifaux now and then?

"If the world of Malifaux hadn't appealed to you before I bet it does now after having a peek at some of these new models for 2020..."

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