Wyrd Games Get Set For Black Friday Sales & Four New Models!

November 27, 2019 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been getting set for a big ol' Black Friday Sale which is going to be running from November 27th (today!) to December 2nd with some ways to get your hands on some great new models and some existing ones too with a little bit of a limited edition edge!

Black Friday - Wyrd Games

So, a whole bunch of goodies are going to be available for you to pick up as part of the Black Friday Sales which you can find out HERE. There are lots of different alternative models in the mix but one of the coolest things to come out from the end of November is a selection of new miniatures too.

For example, we're kicking off with the inclusion of this new Waldo miniature!

Waldo - Wyrd Games

This would be a wonderful looking new option for someone to stick into the mix during your games. I love the idea that Waldo here could pop up in games of Malifaux and The Other Side, perhaps just as a piece of scatter terrain which could have an effect on gameplay somewhere down the line. Maybe Waldo could offer up some presents to your henchmen or decide to make their lives a little more dangerous with something explosive?

Hunkering Down

Coming in to support the one year anniversary of The Other Side they also have a special miniature for Charles Edmonton.

Edmunton - Wyrd Games

Here you can see him, in scenic style, hunkering down behind a fractured wall as he reloads his rifle and gets ready to take down some big beasty which is slavering at the maw and stomping down the street. I like that this works as a great diorama piece but also works in gameplay too. The fact that Edmonton is in the midst of reloading and shooting his foe makes him feel like he is in the midst of battle.

Seadevils & Silence

As well as the options above there are also two new miniatures for the world of Malifaux. Leading the way we have the creepy looking Seadevil!

Seadevil - Wyrd Games

As an alternative model to help drop into your collection, this miniature really helps to push that little bit of a Lovecraftian angle which you see running throughout certain elements of the Malifaux world. A bit of alternative Rogue Necromancy helps shake things up and I think this would be great to paint. I'm very reminded of the Street Sharks for some reason...

We also have my favourite of the two model, the Silent Knight.

Silent Knight - Wyrd Games

This particular model is available in metal and works as an alternative Killjoy. I love the natural elements worked into the model across the armour and weapons, giving you a feeling that this stoic warrior has a connection to something a lot more powerful. Wood is always nice and fun to paint as well so making it a core feature of the model is nice for weirdos like me.

As mentioned above, you can check out more of what is on offer throughout Black Friday right HERE.

Are you tempted by these new options from Wyrd?

"Are you tempted by these new options from Wyrd?"

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