Wyrd Games Meet More Of Malifaux’s Explorer’s Society

May 21, 2020 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been previewing more of the characters from The Explorer's Society! This new cast of characters are going to be coming to Malifaux in the near future and we start with a bit of a showman.

Winston Finnigan Art - Wyrd Games

Winston Finnigan is rolled out when they need someone with a smooth and charming nature to keep things in check. You can tell by the look of him that he's oiler than a snake oil salesman and shiftier than a chameleon. Finnigan is also blessed by good luck and that translates over into his rules as you'll see here.

Winston Finnigan Card - Wyrd Games

Not only is he fast and agile but he's able to duck and dodge his way out of many situations as he seeks to do his employers bidding. There does seem like a lot of text to read there but the abilities and such will all become second nature to you and you'll be wheeling and dealing in no time.

Rocky Ground

Sometimes, your words just won't be enough. This is where you turn to the Surveyors who are drawing on their earthy powers in order to deal some serious damage. They also happen to look particularly sharp on those suits too!

-5ec63536c7902--5ec63536c7903Surveyors - Wyrd Games.jpg

This is another interesting side to this faction and shows off that they have a fair bit of muscle behind them as well as all the silver-tongued sneakiness. I could imagine this group being a lot of fun to paint as you work up those earthy tones and tinker with the way you're going to blend the different textures on their skin together.

-5ec63538ec29f--5ec63538ec2a0Surveyors Card - Wyrd Games.jpg

Again, all of the abilities and powers have been themed nicely to the unit. You've got a lot to look forward to when it comes to this faction and it should provide a nice point of difference to a lot of the more well-established factions in the collection.

Are you tempted by these new boys on the block?

"Are you tempted by these new boys on the block?"

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