A Host Of New Characters Come To The Steampunk World Of Wolsung

September 21, 2016 by brennon

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Micro Art Studio have added a plethora of new models to their collection for the world of Wolsung. Characters from the Ash & Oak Club, Inventors, and Triad of the Lotus Dragon are joining the fight for Lyonesse.

Ash & Oak Club

Leading things off we have the wonderful Ash & Oak Cook who is in the middle of preparing a nice meal.

Ash & Oak Cook

He's also chasing rival gang members out of his kitchen! Don't get in the way of that cleaver.

Triad Of Lotus Dragon

Hisao Shiryo then follows on from him for the Triad of Lotus Dragon.

Hisao Shiryo

This mystical leader has a wonderful look to him and I love the mystical smoke pouring from that pipe of his. Don't underestimate this old man.

We also have a pair of Smugglers for the Triad of the Lotus Dragon who look like they take their business seriously.


I think of the two I prefer the one below with his long trench coat and knife drawn for some back-alley stabbing.

Smuggler (Alt)

Both are great models, don't get me wrong, but I think the other one looks a little different from the rest of the gang and worth adding into the mix to spice things up a bit.

Inventor's Club

The strange Jack In The Box contraption is one of the smaller additions to the range and The Inventor's Club.

Jack In The Box

While it might be something quite small I think the eerie looking face leering at you from the box would be enough to spook anyone out.

We also have the Lab Assistant for the Inventors who can be used to great effect with their area of effect damage in-game.

Lab Assistant

She does appear to have caught on a lever however so I'm not sure how good she's going to be in combat.

Ven Rier

The shadowy Ven Rier are not to be outdone as they have a number of different agents joining the street fighting too. Leading the way is Sir Jonathan Wormwood & Ursula.

Sir Jonathan Wormwood & Ursula

She might be unassuming but she's a devilish little girl. Sir Wormwood isn't to be underestimated either as he enjoys seeing his machinations unfold on the tabletop with deadly effect.

Talking of the dead we have one of their Undead Ogres here.

Zombie Ogre

I'm sure he wasn't too happy to have been brought back from the dead and outfitted with a big metal arm. Now he spends his time turning those that annoy him into a sticky paste. A wonderful mix of the Steampunk and the Magical here.

The Scylla

Rounding things off we have some more Scylla gang members ready to start hassling businesses and eking out a fortune from the poor folk of Lyonesse. Roberto Vendetta leads the way in that regard with his rifle.

Roberto Vendetta

He is making up for his diminutive size with a weapon of deadly potency. I can imagine him being a pain as you wander out into the street only to be pinned down by fire from him.

If the enemy end up getting too close though the Scylla can always rely on the brute strength of their Ogres.

Ogre Gravedigger

This Gravedigger appears to enjoy putting folks into the ground after they've been filled with bullets. He has also been taking fashion tips from Dick Tracy on his outfit it seems.

What will you be picking up from Wolsung this month?

"Sir Wormwood isn't to be underestimated either as he enjoys seeing his machinations unfold on the tabletop with deadly effect..."

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