02 Hundred Hours Heading To The Desert With New Expansion

July 31, 2023 by brennon

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Grey For Now Games' next expansion for 02 Hundred Hours looks to be taking the action from Europe and sees folks diving into daring raids in North Africa. Artizan Designs are also going to be joining forces with them with their range of ace 28mm miniatures.

Artizan Designs - 02 Hundred Hours

Artizan Designs Miniatures // 02 Hundred Hours

Sculpted by Mike Own, it looks like some of the existing Artizan Designs range is going to be included as part of this new expansion alongside some brand-new sculpts. Currently, you can dive into quite a nice selection of SAS and LRDG miniatures from their webstore alongside Afrika Korps Germans, perfectly themed for the espionage that awaits in 02 Hundred Hours.

As a further tease, Grey For Now Games also shared a shot of them with Wargames Illustrated, showcasing the game with a rather nice set-up.

Desert Raid Preview - 02 Hundred Hours

Desert Raid Preview // 02 Hundred Hours

It certainly makes sense that the action could move to North Africa and the actions of the Desert Rats against Rommel and his pals. I am eager to see what new scenarios and mechanics are presented as part of the new expansion.

02 Hundred Hours seems like a great option for someone looking to get into World War II wargaming but without having to paint up huge armies. More often than not, you only need to paint a handful of miniatures per side and the complexity and detail come in the cinematic mechanics that the game presents you with.

If you're interested in more about the game, check out our Unboxings below...

Unboxing: 02 Hundred Hours Starter Set | Grey For Now Games

Unboxing: Partisan Resistance Cell + Jedburgh Team | Grey For Now Games

Have you been playing a lot of 02 Hundred Hours? Will you be heading to North Africa with this new expansion?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Will you be heading to North Africa with this new expansion?"

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