12mm WW2 Big Guns & Transports + Victrix’s Company Commander!

August 22, 2023 by brennon

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Victrix Miniatures have been previewing more of the 12mm World War II miniatures coming to their range. The Germans are going to be getting some support in the form of big guns and transports to make sure your troops get to the front. Plus, the Company Commander rules are now available to snap up.

88mm Flak-18 & Crew - Victrix Miniatures

88mm Flak-18 & Crew // Victrix Miniatures

Leading the way, we have some 8mm Flak-18 guns alongside a couple of different crews for you to choose from. This gun can be modelled mounted and fastened to the ground or on wheels depending on what you desire and makes it a good weapon to use in both an anti-tank and anti-aircraft role. The 88mm was a fearsome gun that could take out an Allied tank from over a mile away apparently!

88mm Flak-18 & Afrika Crew - Victrix Miniatures

88mm Flak-18 & Afrika Crew // Victrix Miniatures

As well as giving you a couple of options for the gun, Victrix have also designed two crews. You can either run with regular German uniforms from Europe or you can turn them into a North Africa crew, stripped down and ready to fight in the sweltering heat of the desert.

Victrix also pointed out that you can take the crews from these guns and use them with a variety of other kits from the range. That means that you can take previous sets that didn't have Afrika Korps attire and drag those guns across the sands instead.

Roll Out The 12mm Troop Transports

You will also be able to get your hands on the Sdkfz 7 soon, offering up a good way for you to get your troops from point A to point B. You could also use this to tow your big guns above into the right position.

Sdkfz 7 - Victrix Miniatures

Sdkfz 7 // Victrix Miniatures

Much like with the kits above, you are also going to be getting plenty of options to tinker with. You can drop in your standard German troops from Normandy and the like or you can, once again, head to the deserts of North Africa.

Sdkfz 7 Stowage & Interiors - Victrix Miniatures

Sdkfz 7 Stowage & Interiors // Victrix Miniatures

You can also play around with the different types of stowage that you stuff inside these vehicles and pop the tops off. I do like the idea of having the open topped although pulling the canvas over does mean that you don't have to paint so many crew miniatures!

Company Commander - New App & Rules Now Available

Capping things off for this Victrix update, the Company Commander rules and app are now available for you to get your hands on.

Company Commander - Victrix Games

Company Commander // Victrix Games

This app uses augmented reality and a digital rules system to allow you to play out your World War II wargames on the tabletop. The digital app manages your army lists, tracks the turns in-game, measures your distances for movement and firing, runs calculations for you and tracks the damage you've done.

Its an interesting prospect and one that Gerry has done a little bit of tinkering with but we've not really tested it properly yet. Augmented reality and combined digital/physical wargaming might well be something we see more of in the future but the ease of use is going to be the big barrier to entry.

It seems like Victrix has been tinkering with Company Commander for a while though so I'd reckon a fair few of the kinks have been ironed out. The basic version of the app is free to try out on iOS (Android coming soon) so there's no harm in grabbing some miniatures and giving it a shot.

Will you be having a closer look at Victrix's Company Commander?

"This app uses augmented reality and a digital rules system to allow you to play out your World War II wargames on the tabletop..."

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