Tackling Four-Tone Camouflage! Swedish Army Build For World War 3: Team Yankee – Part 2

November 23, 2023 by johnlyons

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John dives into his dream Cold War 15mm army for World War 3: Team Yankee by Battlefront Miniatures. In Part Two, against his better judgment, John tackles the iconic four-tone camouflage scheme that the Swedish have on their vehicles. Learn how to paint it yourself and see this force as it hits that "table ready" level.

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Throughout the series, John is going to be showing the steps that he went through when bringing this 15mm Cold War army to life and some of the tips and tricks used when doing so.

Make sure to get stuck into the comments and tell us what you think about the build, maybe some ideas that you've had yourself for a Cold War force in World War 3: Team Yankee.

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