3DBreed March To Hell With New WWII 3D Printing Kickstarter

October 18, 2022 by brennon

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3DBreed Miniatures have returned to Kickstarter with another Historical 3D Printing Kickstarter. This time around, they have headed to the deserts of North Africa with March To Hell WW2: Africa.

March To Hell WW2 - Africa - 3DBreed Miniatures

March To Hell WW2: Africa Kickstarter // 3DBreed Miniatures

The focus is here on creating both British and German miniatures for battling it out on the baking hot sands of Africa during World War II. All of the miniatures available as part of this campaign are STL Files that you'll need to print off at home (or get yourself a nice friend to do it for you).

The focus is very much on the vehicles and mechanical warfare elements that were battling it out during the fighting here between the Afrika Korps and the Desert Rats.

Afrika Korps - 3DBreed Miniatures

Afrika Korps // 3DBreed Miniatures

The miniatures have a neat and slightly more "heroic" feel to them that you might be familiar with if you've checked out some of the previous projects from 3DBreed. That being said, it certainly won't look too out of place amongst the ranges from Warlord Games for Bolt Action for example.

British Army - 3DBreed Miniatures

British Army // 3DBreed Miniatures

I think the chaps on the backs of their motorbikes have got to be winners for me amongst what's available as part of their core pledge options. You also have jeeps and tank options for both sides if you want to take things to the next level. They do paint up very nicely as you can see here thanks to the work by Nacho Ladron.

March To Hell WW2 - Africa Pledge - 3DBreed Miniatures

March To Hell WW2: Africa Pledge // 3DBreed Miniatures

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What's nice about this range is that you don't have to go for 28mm. You could knock down the scaling to 15mm and use them to build up smaller-scale armies. I think these would all look particularly effective when printed in 15mm and dropped onto the tabletop, especially with the focus on the detail in the sculpting.

You can go and check out more information on what 3DBreed have been going over on Kickstarter and pick which side you're going to be printing off first.

What do you make of these designs?

"What's nice about this range is that you don't have to go for 28mm. You could knock down the scaling to 15mm..."

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