AB Figures March Onto Tabletops With BEF Infantry & Crews

March 27, 2023 by brennon

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AB Figures released some new BEF Infantry and Gun Crews over the course of March! If you're looking for some neat new World War II miniatures for your collection then have a peek at what they've got to offer.

BEF Marching - AB Figures

BEF Marching // AB Figures

The first set features a band of British Expeditionary Force (BEF) Marching. They look a little jollier than some of the other troops that you sometimes see battling it out on the tabletop. I imagine that's because there aren't bullets whizzing around all over the place!

This set would be pretty good for those who are looking to build up interesting dioramas and vignettes but also put together sets of troops where you want to play with the different poses your troops are in. I like them!

As well as the BEF Marching, you can also get your hands on two Gun Crews.

BEF 2lb AT Gun Crew - AB Figures

BEF 2lb A/T Gun Crew // AB Figures

BEF 25lb Gun Crew - AB Figures

BEF 25lb Gun Crew // AB Figures

You can pick between the 2lb A/T Gun Crew and the 25lb Gun Crew. This means that you can lay down some covering fire as your infantry begin their march across Normandy and France in search of the enemy.

It should be noted that the miniatures from AB Figures are in 20mm so you'll either want to dive deeper into their own archive of figures or look at the 20mm collection from various other creators out there.

Are you like the new BEF miniatures from the folks at AB Figures?

"The first set features a band of British Expeditionary Force (BEF) Marching..."

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