Hot Foot It Into Battle With Offensive’s New German Releases

April 21, 2020 by brennon

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Offensive Miniatures has added two new releases into the mix for their 28mm World War II range this month. Both of them are for German players and collectors out there and we start with the Fallschirmjaeger Tank Riders Set.

Fallschirmjaeger Tank Riders #1 - Offensive Miniatures

This set of soldiers are taking a break as they role into combat on the back of a pretty hefty looking German tank. As long as you were keeping an eye out for the enemy, this was a pretty safe way to travel and it had the added benefit that if fighting did break out, you'd be right next to some chunky cover.

Fallschirmjaeger Tank Riders #2 - Offensive Miniatures

According to Offensive, the set of models has been sculpted so that they would work for all manner of different areas of conflict. So, if you're fighting on the Eastern Front or in the middle of France, you've got a set of Tank Riders to fit your force.

Motorcycle Recce Team

As well as the Tank Riders, Offensive Miniatures also showed off their new German Motorcycle Team.

German Motorcycle Recce Team - Offensive Miniatures

Again, this set has been designed so that it would fit into a number of different theatres. As well as the driver and the fellow on the back with his rifle, the sidecar user also has an MG 34 which allows him to open fire on the enemy and maybe protect his comrades as they scoot for cover!

These motorcycle teams would be a great way to get a look at what the enemy was up to and then scarper before things got too hot.

Could you see yourself picking up either of these new German kits from Offensive Miniatures?

"Could you see yourself picking up either of these new German kits from Offensive Miniatures?"

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