British & Taliban Forces Mass For White Dragon’s Courage In Contact

April 11, 2019 by brennon

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White Dragon Miniatures have designed up some rather awesome new releases for their growing Courage In Contact range. Both the Taliban forces and those of the British Army have grown in number with offerings which range from regular troops through to vehicles and more.


We start with the Taliban this time around and look to their new releases which include a couple of fighters mounted up on bikes, allowing them to get to those hard to reach places to ambush your British forces. You can either get a pair of soldiers mounted up on their bike with a rifle or with a rocket launcher if you want to be even more destructive.


The first thing that I noticed about these miniatures was the way they've been sculpted. The models are looking clean and very highly detailed, packed with enough character but also nice and simple to paint too with very obviously delineation between the various areas of the model. This is really important, in my opinion, for quick painting.

Ambushed On Foot

As well as the bikers above you can also snap up some Taliban forces on foot. There are five different sets in total which all give you a variety of different weapon options and poses.


You get an array of soldiers which are armed with rifles, rocket launchers, pistols, grenades and all sorts that they've managed to scrounge up from ammo dumps and the like. I do often wonder where they get all their weapons from but then I remember the Soviet Union and arms contractors exist(ed).


You have enough soldiers here to make a proper compound full of soldiers. If you're playing a game like Spectre Operations these are great because they give you lots of ideas for scenario play. You can even have it that you give clues as to where certain intel is based on the different characters and the British player has to work out who has the codes/information based on the miniatures!


I think that would be very cool indeed. Imagine knowing that the fellow with the radio has the information but nothing else so you have to actually get down to the model's eye view and scout around for him in the thicket of buildings that cover the tabletop.

Rapid British Response

As well as these Taliban fighters, the British have been getting a boost in the form of some new vehicles for the game. The first of these is the Foxhound.


The Foxhound is a beast of a vehicle which is going to be used for making sure that your infantry gets into position AND they get the cover they need thanks to those mounted machine guns on the back.


I like the idea of a proper escort mission where one of these is rolling down the street of a town which is still heavily defended by Taliban troops. You could have your infantry trying to guide it through the streets, watching out for ambushes from all over the place.

Whilst not as useful in the midst of combat since we're not playing Halo, the team at White Dragon Miniatures also designed these British Quadbikes.


Whilst they will be good for quick manoeuvring on the tabletop I'm not entirely sure that they'll be something you see too regularly as part of your advancing force. I would have thought that these were something you might have seen back at base, carting around all of the equipment. If I'm wrong then I'm very happy for someone to tell me so!

Since we're talking about carting around equipment, you can also buy a variety of different trailers for the Quadbikes which give your opponent something to focus on as part of a raid perhaps.


Overall, this is a rather awesome haul of goodies for those playing their Modern Warfare games on the tabletop. Either you can take on the enemy as the British or build yourself a new Taliban force to pit against them.

"Either you can take on the enemy as the British or build yourself a new Taliban force to pit against them..."

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