Commonwealth & Chinese Forces Join Bolt Action: Korea

July 29, 2019 by brennon

Warlord Games is slowly going to be introducing a few new armies into the mix for those wanting to dive into Bolt Action: Korea. Two armies went up for pre-order over the weekend starting with the British Commonwealth.

British Commonwealth - Warlord Games

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The British Commonwealth set comes with some troops and vehicles to get you going and support the push for the South Koreans in the game. The British infantry is supported by a hulking Centurion Mk III which should be able to stop the Soviet armour rolling down from the North.

Chinese Support

Coming down from the North we have the rolling tide that is the Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army which was able to push the South and its allies right back into a tiny corner of the country.

Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army - Warlord Games

Much like with the above option the set comes with a range of infantry and heavy weapon support options plus some vehicles to help keep the ball rolling. In this case its a set of Chinese PVA Infantry and Conscripts plus support groups and the M3 Stuart, KPA BTR-40 APC combo.

So, this should give you a few more options for starting out in Bolt Action: Korea with some smaller skirmishing forces that are battling for control of the country.

Which side will you most likely be supporting in-game?

"Which side will you most likely be supporting in-game?"

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