Take Down Elite Criminals With Spectre’s Crisis Response Team

April 19, 2022 by brennon

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These miniatures might be familiar to you. They have been out in the wild since September last year but we sort of missed them. They were too awesome to skip talking about though. So, let's dive into some more awesome Modern Warfare miniatures from Spectre for their Operations skirmish wargame.

Agents Crisis Response Squad - Spectre Miniatures

Agents - Crisis Response Squad // Spectre Miniatures

The first set is a pack of Agents that can be used as a Crisis Response Squad. This team could be used to represent all manner of fictional organisations or agencies that have been called in to deal with criminal elements and other nefarious groups. They are dressed in their civilian clothes and equipped to fight in urban environments.

The set comes with agents armed with assault rifles, submachine guns, grenade launchers, shotguns a DMR and an LMG. So, they should be able to deal with pretty much anything. One of the team members also carries a quadcopter drone allowing them to get an overall view of the situation around them.

I really like the posing of the different agents here, making them feel like they are in the midst of a tactical situation. It makes all the difference in a skirmish game. Also, the civilian clothes matched alongside the military kit opens up some interesting painting options.

"Are We The Bad Guys?"

Alongside the Crisis Response Squad, there is also a set of Criminal Element Heavies.

Criminal Elements Heavies Squad - Spectre Miniatures

Criminal Elements Heavies Squad // Spectre Miniatures

This squad has been designed to work as a criminal organisation trying to enact their daring heist, a band of mercenaries fighting for a warlord or maybe even the specialised military arm of a nation's army.

The team are armed with AK47s, M4s and support weapons like a compact shotgun, LMG and a Milkor MGL loaded with smoke and flash grenades to cause chaos. The leader of the team also carries a FAL so that they can engage with foes at long range.

All of these miniatures are armed with silenced weapons (for the most part) meaning that you could start a scenario with these criminals trying to secure a specific objective. Then, as soon as things go loud for whatever reason, the other player dives in with the Crisis Response Squad above and has to try and stop them from escaping with their prize.

A Very Good Boy

The final release from last year that is worth adding to your collection is the VGB.

The VBG - Spectre Miniatures

The VBG // Spectre Miniatures

This is a Spectre take on a near-future unmanned ground vehicle, a "Very Good Boy". The design takes nods from pop culture and advances within the actual field of robotics. It can be used for scouting purposes and then potentially even as a support unit thanks to the underbody grenade launcher. It could carry smoke, flash and fragmentation grenades to spook the enemy. Plus, it also has an RWS system for targeting enemy elements.

These miniatures were released last September and they still appear to be on their webstore right now. So, maybe some new 28mm miniatures for your Modern Warfare scraps?

What do you think?

"This squad has been designed to work as a criminal organisation trying to enact their daring heist..."

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