Empress Preview Upcoming 1980s Soviet Paratroopers

January 24, 2022 by brennon

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Empress Miniatures is taking the time to build on their 28mm Moderns collection with some more Historical miniatures. Early previews of some new 1980s Soviet Paratroopers popped up on social media that should soon be joining the range.

1980s Soviet Paratroopers - Empress Miniatures

1980s Soviet Paratroopers // Empress Miniatures

This is, as mentioned above, an early look at the miniatures, but you certainly get that Cold War feel from the range so far. You could just imagine James Bond having to deal with these fellows when assaulting an icy military facility.

You could even see these soldiers going all Red Dawn and dropping deep into the fighting for control of America during the Soviet invasion?

1980s Soviet Paratroopers Alt - Empress Miniatures

This is just a handful of the previews so far but you get a good look at the standard stances that you'd expect. You've got Advancing and Firing sorted but they are also working on Soviet Paratroopers going prone and ushering their fellow soldiers on.

1980s Soviet Paratroopers Prone - Empress Miniatures

As you can see; early doors still for these miniatures! I think this looks like an expressive and interesting range which then sits well against the Chinese, British, French and US that already exist.

Are you tempted to snap these up for use in Historical wargames or perhaps something more Pulp?

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